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SharePoint 2010 Training Video Series

Hi Everyone, This is my first post on MSSaudiCommunities blog. I hope I will be able to write more in comming future. But today I am here to Share some information about an Initiative I took around a week ago. I will be recording a Full Series of SharePoint 2010 Training Starting with End User to Developer with covering of Administration topics. I have until now recorded 6 Videos. more will be uploaded very soon. The idea behind my videos is that they should be between 5 o 10 minutes and full of fun with SharePoint.

SharePoint Lists Introduction

SharePoint List Columns, Views and Grouping

SharePoint List General Settings

SharePoint List Permissions and Management

SharePoint Logical Architecture

SharePoint Sites

For more information pleaes visit my blog or contact me directly by email.


Weekend TekTalk 2011, Episodes 3 & 4

The second set of episodes of TekTalk in 2011 featuring Hassan Khawaja from Microsoft Saudi.  Jerry Yasir and Adel Al Zubair interview Hassan on Windows Phone 7, from what’s new, cool stuff and general discussion.

In the second recording, we talk about development and developer stuff. We hope you enjoy it. Videos after the break.

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