VirManSec – Riyadh

Community Name VirManSec – Riyadh
Community Website
Technologies/Focus ITPro, Virtualization, Security, System Management
Country Saudi Arabia
Language English
About Systems’ Virtualization, management and security are taking the highest ground among IT technologies as they compose three corners of the triangle of reliable maintainable cost effective IT service. VirManSec is the community founded by technically sound group of professionals to be the first of its kind to cover the three areas and integrate them, leveraging the deep technical knowledge and IT business experience from the field. You are invited to participate in our community by sharing your valuable experience, helping others and getting the help you might require. Take part in VirManSec activities.
Lead Asem Alhourani

2 responses to “VirManSec – Riyadh

  • Asem Alhourani

    Hey dear developers 🙂
    I’m thinking about doing some changes in the current VirManSec website. Do you know some trusted party to do so?
    Asem Alhourani

    • Abdurrahman Al-Qahtani

      not aware of someone, but if you define “what you need this website do” then there could be many do-it-yourself ways to help with. for instance, if you purpose if blogging, then wordpress, and other blogging engines are just fine.

      let me know if you need my help with that?

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