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Register Now– WebCamps on WebMatrix in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

What are Web Camps?

Microsoft’s Web Camps are training events that teach you how to build websites using the latest web technologies including ASP.NET MVC, WebMatrix, OData, jQuery, IE9 & HTML5 and Web Apps.


Where and When?

We’re brining two more to Saudi Arabia, and this time will be web camps on WebMatrix. It will be held in Effat University – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on March 22nd (males) and March 23rd (females), 2011. Please, note that one day will be for males only, and the other for females only – so pick the right one!


Any material or kits provided?

This is going to be a full-day free workshop (registration required, but no fees) and you’ll get a chance to learn WebMatrix, with presentations, demos, and labs. Although you can download the web camps training kit for self-learning, we encourage you to learn from our experts Osama Shaba’ani, and Marwa Alhazmi and get into discussions and labs that are instructor-led.

What to bring with me?

Be ready with the following before you attend –

  1. Training Kit <- download web camps training kit!
  2. Notebook computer <- there will be no PCs provided, and you can bring your own if you want to practice during the workshop.
  3. Sketchbook <- in case you want to take notes
  4. Identification <- ID and registration copy is recommended.

refreshments and snacks will be provided.


How to register?

Please, use the below link to register in the web camps:


If you’re a passionate male web developer… go here –

If you’re a passionate female web developer… go here –

Event Name

Web Camp on WebMatrix (males)

Web Camp on WebMatrix (females)


March 22nd, 2011.
9:00 am – 4:00 pm

March 23rd, 2011.
9:00 am – 4:00 pm


Effat University
BUS 114 – Business College Building
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Effat University
BUS 114 – Business College Building
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


Osama Shaba’ani

Marwa Alhazmi








free! registration required.

free! registration required.


MSEvents (Event ID 1032472484)

MSEvents (Event ID 1032472485)

See you there!